“7 Blessings" ring - ruby

“7 Blessings" ring - ruby
“7 Blessings" ring - ruby
“7 Blessings" ring - ruby
“7 Blessings" ring - ruby
“7 Blessings" ring - ruby
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Gold 14k, silver 925, rubies

This powerful kabbalah amulet is a symbol of the sacred union between man and woman. It is crafted from rotating rings affixed to a beautiful fretwork base. The rings are decorated with beautifully set gold details reminiscent of the basis of a pyramid. They are inlaid with precious stones. The basis of the middle ring is set with a gold triangle with inlaid stone.

Constructed in this way the ring symbolises spiritual bonding and woman’s strength. Wearing it increases mutual attraction and enhances the marital connection and fertility.

Kabbalah code and meaning

The seven blessings and their meaning:

First blessing - to bring joy.
Second blessing - for happiness and peace in the family.
Third blessing - for health and love of all relatives.
Fourth blessing - to have abundance, wealth and success.
Fifth blessing - to bless the home.
Sixth blessing - to consolidate the interest of the partners to one another; for balance and spiritual purity in love.
Seventh blessing - it blesses all six prayers.

The triangle symbolises harmony, balance and the strength of union: The man, the woman and constructive energy.

The ruby influences passion and enhances the circulation of blood and fertility.