“72 Names – Technology for the Soul” ring

“72 Names – Technology for the Soul” ring
“72 Names – Technology for the Soul” ring
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Gold 14k, silver 925

A handmade ring in the form of an authentic coin beautifully inscribed with the 72 Names of the Creator. 

The design of this ring was influenced by the cultural heritage of the Thracians. The archaeological artifact may be seen in the National History Museum at the Boyana Residence.

Wearing this kabbalah amulet grants great energy to the owner and provides the beneficial influences which we so need.

Kabbalah code and meaning

More than 2000 years ago, the “Zohar” holy book set out the ancient code system imbued with powerful energy. Over the centuries only a handful of kabbalists knew of its existence. They knew that it would be revealed to humanity when the appropriate time came.

This code system is called the “72 Names of God”. These are not names in the literal sense but a combination of letters from the Hebrew alphabet. These three-letter codes are angelic forces or units of energy that form a spiritual unity. All the energy which we need in life is contained in them. Inscribed in a precise sequence, they are a marvelous way of attracting positive changes in life.