Ana Bekoach

“Please, with the Strength and Greatness of Thy Right Arm, untangle our knotted fate."

Known as the 42-letter Name of God, the prayer is one of the most important kabbalistic and meditational codes. Ana Bekoach consists of 42 words set out in 7 blessings, each of which possesses its own energy focus and vibrational frequency corresponding to each of the seven days of the week, the seven angels and one of the levels of the manifestation of God.

Mercy – prevents negative energy and thoughts; unconditional love.
Strictness – encourages the spirit and personal development.
Beauty – allows us to hear our hearts; releases us from restrictions.
Eternity – overcomes difficulties.
Fame – helps in the taking of important decisions.
Foundation – stimulates the sixth sense.
Kingdom – abundance and Divine prosperity.

Amulets containing this prayer possess enormous energy which gives us the strength to control our life and the impulse to achieve our aims.

Gold 14k, silver 925 This is a handmade ring with beautifully curved forms reminiscent of an ancient artefact. With its beautifully inscribed gold tile and gold inlaid coins at either end, it bears the notions of authentic Thracian archaeological finds, as well as artefacts daring from Ancient Gr..
590 лв.
Ex Tax:590 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925 A silver ring with a rotating gold inner ring, beautifully inscribed with the ancient kabbalah prayer "Ana Bekoach.” When your day has been tense and stressful, hold the ring in your fingers and rotate the gold inner ring. This will reduce your level of stress and tension...
780 лв.
Ex Tax:780 лв.
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