Ana BeKoach Ring

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Ana BeKoach Ring

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gold 14K, silver 925


Handmade ring with curved shapes, resembling an ancient artifact. The beautifully engraved golden tile and the gold details inlaid at both ends bear the spirit of archaeological finds dating back to the times of Ancient Greece, the Roman and Byzantine Empire.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

Known as the 42-letter Name of God, the "Ana BeKoach" prayer is one of the most important Kabbalistic and meditational codes. It is composed of 42 words set out in 7 blessings, each of which possesses its own energy focus and vibrational frequency corresponding to one of the seven days of the week, the seven angels, and one of the levels of the manifestation of God.

Amulets with this prayer have tremendous energy that generates in you the strength to cultivate and purposefully take control of your life.

Mercy – stops negative energy and thoughts; unconditional love.
Strictness – promotes spirit and personal development.
Beauty – allows us to hear our hearts; releases us from restrictions.
Eternity – overcomes difficulties.
Glory – helps us make important decisions.
Foundation – stimulates the sixth sense.
Kingdom – abundance and God's Grace.

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