Archangel Michael’s Key

Psalms, 91:11

“For He will command His Angels to protect you in all your ways."

Archangel Michael is the right hand of God and his main task is to guard and protect you from evil energies by removing fear and stress.

The concept of “archangel” in Greek means the “great messenger of God.” In ancient Hebrew and Babylonian, the name means “Godlike.” He is the only angel to be granted the title “Archangel.” The Bible also refers to him as the “Great Knight.”

If you have a complicated problem in life and you cannot find the correct solution, turn to him for advice. Utter the name of Archangel Michael and he will lead you through the thorns to the stars. By wearing the key you will easily pass through fire and water. You will attain your goals with the minimum of energy by taking the shortest route. There is no situation without a way out!

Gold 14k, silver 925, hand woven chain, garnet An exceptional handmade model of an ancient key with an elegant relief of the Archangel Michael. The angelic wings and the fiery sword form a beautiful silver base for the old two-faced rotating gold coin, at the end of which there is a loop designed..
520 лв.
Ex Tax:520 лв.
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