"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion

"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
"Archangel Uriel’s key” medallion
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silver 925, gold 14k, topaz

Beautifully crafted antique key, a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and success. On the key is engraved the name of Archangel Uriel – the bearer of God’s Light. His energy illuminates and strengthens all aspects of our life and work, stimulates self-improvement and finding a soul mate, and strengthens the relationship. The pendant is made of five metals following a special Kabbalist formula. The key is inscribed with one of the 72 Names of God, for the Light, and is beautifully inlaid with a topaz – “the holy stone.”

Kabbalah code and meaning

Celestial Order: Seraphim
Assignation: Ministration
Celestial Title: Archangel of Salvation
Color: Indigo or powder blue

Archangel Uriel ("fire of God") Uriel started drawing attention early on his career as he has been identified through the ages as both a cherub ( a toddler) and as a seraph or seraphim (a more mature angel). His earliest account of rising to the occasion is best described in the book of Revelation for his role as Regent of the Sun. He called forth the birds to feast upon the fallen in supporting the cycle of life. He later warned Noah of the impending flood. Fortunately for Noah and all of us, Raphael stepped in to help build the ark. Uriel is the spirit of Ministration and Peace; always saving the day. The Magus claims that Uriel gave the cabala to man; 'the key to the mystical interpretation of scripture'. His mission is to help you manifest stability and relief from life’s pressures when there doesn’t seem to be any. If you are open to Uriel’s assistance, he’ll be there in a heartbeat. Cry out for God and like all archangels he can travel faster than the speed of light; meaning he can get from one end of the universe to the other in less than a one second. That’s why he’s sometimes in many places at once. He views his role of responsibility as one that manifests your quest to be your best; seeing to it that you shine in everything you do, just like the sun.

Day of the week: Watches over those born on Friday
Main Issue: Intuition, Wisdom
Sense: Sixth sense
Fragrances/Incense/Oils: Hyacinth, Violet, Rose geranium
Crystals: Amethyst, Fluorite, Azurite
Life Lesson: Emotional intelligence
Altar suggestions: A gilded mirror with candle holder reflecting light; oil burner containing Rose geranium; Tarot Card depicting justice; piece of Amethyst, to encourage visionary abilities; indigo-colored mandala; a dream-catcher; small pottery bowl, for wisdom, favorite lamp.


Topaz, known as "the holy stone", revives the mind and helps us concentrate and overcome obstacles and difficulties. Its blue color symbolizes power and strength. The stone is associated with truth and capacity for forgiveness. It's a known symbol of happiness, chastity, true friendship, and hope. It helps the bearer to find a purpose in life and to clarify their thoughts, feelings and actions. Topaz activates cosmic consciousness. It untaps clogged energies and channels them where they are needed, hereby reduceing tension, and promoting feelings of joy and happiness. It has healing abilities associated with physical and spiritual renewal. It helps the bearer find the right solution in every situation without wasting time. Topaz is a wonderful talisman that helps solving problems and dealing with conflicts. Jewelery with topaz promotes spiritual growth.

Kabbalah code

Recapturing the Sparks: Shards of Light are drawn out of the destructive entities that reside within your being. Their life force is cut off and you are replenished with Divine energy. Life grows brighter each and every day as billions of sacred sparks return to their source – your soul!

Protecting yourself from the evil eye: Your own desire to cast the evil eye at others is diminished. A shield of positive energy surrounds you, offering protection from the negative glances, looks of envy, and spirited intentions of others.

The power of Prosperity: Acknowledge that the Light of the Creator is the ultimate source of all prosperity and well-being. Now summon the forces of prosperity and sustenance and ask for the strength to keep your ego in check when the other checks start rolling in.

5 metals

According to Kabbalah, each one of the 5 metals possesses a specific power – for health, love, success and protection of the family. Their potential is assimilated thanks to the authenticity of the entire design process as described in the “Book of Creation.”

Gold – vitality, boundless energy for success, happiness and wealth.
Silver – inspiration, home, children, family comfort, peace and calm.
Copper – artisticism, harmony and love, attracts kindred souls.
Tin – communication, understanding, courage to undertake new projects.
Lead – authority, power, balance and self-improvement.