It enhances the concentration, clears the mind and encourages entrepreneurship. It dispels negative thought and transforms it into positive energy. It protects from poverty and gives charm and confidence to the wearer.

Gold 14k, silver 925, chrysoberyl This beautiful kabbalah amulet is decorated with natural stone and is an original design by the Sefira Gallery. This silver ring contains a quote from a kabbalistic treatise and four of the 72 Names of the Creator. At the base of the ring there is a handmade sett..
280 лв.
Ex Tax:280 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925, chrysoberyl Necklace with chrysoberyl and a code to ward off evil spirits - “Protect me from poverty and all the dangers of the world.” A tender kabbalah medallion which consists of a silver capsule with an inscription of a code to ward off negative influences and evil sp..
350 лв.
Ex Tax:350 лв.
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