Since ancient times it has been considered the stone of love and beauty. It opens the senses up to everything which is beautiful. It helps us develop our capacity for compassion and love. It stands vigil over family happiness/ It increases the creative abilities and confidence. It releases and removes painful memories and heals emotional crises.

Gold 14k, silver 925, precious stones A handmade silver ring with an inner rotating part inlaid with 12 precious stones. Number 12 represents the entity and the closed cycle in nature and life. The ring provides protection and blessing. Kabbalah code and meaning 12 stands out among all the numb..
690 лв.
Ex Tax:690 лв.
Gold 14k, ruby, garnet, sapphire, emerald Handmade tender amulet with a code for love and settings with inlaid precious stones. Wearing this kabbalah ring affects love and passion in your life, and the code strengthens unconditional love and family happiness. Kabbalah code and meaning Soul M..
390 лв.
Ex Tax:390 лв.
Gold 14k, precious stones A handmade tender ring with 12 inlaid precious stones. It is exceptionally simple but richly coloured at the same time. It possesses a sense of style and elegance. Kabbalah code and meaning The twelve stones are described in the Old and New Testament (Exodus, 28:13–20;..
650 лв.
Ex Tax:650 лв.
Gold 14K, emerald An exceptionally discrete hamsa reminiscent of a tender flower with an emerald affixed in the antique manner. Kabbalah code and meaning By owning this beautiful pendant, you will neutralise all negative powers. Emerald is a talisman for mothers. It protects love and maintai..
220 лв.
Ex Tax:220 лв.
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