Gentle Rose Charm

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Gentle Rose Charm

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gold 14К, rhodolite


Charm with natural rhodolite.


Rhodolite is the most gentle and feminine of all garnets. Its name translated from Greek means "pink stone". The colour of the gem varies from raspberry to dark violet, with gradient of various shades. The stone has a silky-glass shine, which is why the ancient Greeks thought it formed from dew drops, which would explain its so gentle and fresh appearance. Rhodolite is widely used for amulets and talismans. It pull out of depression and directs cosmic energy to its possessor. It boosts self-esteem and increases sex appeal. This is a great talisman for creative personalities. It instils its possessor with love of life, helps them faithfully find their goals, avoid serious mistakes and protect themself from outbursts of aggression and uncontrollable anger.

Modern lithotherapy claims that amulets with rhodolite can strengthen immunity and favourably affect the nervous system, removing the tension and stress. It is also a recommended accessory for powerful personalities, helping them with its energy to acquire tolerance and patience towards others, as well as to harmonise their worldview.

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