Ring of Luck

Ring of Luck
Ring of Luck
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gold 925, blue diamond

Handmade kabbalah ring consisting of nine rings: two main ones, three regular and four small, interconnected. One of the main rings has a beautifully written Bible verse on it, and the other one is inlaid with a blue diamond.
Made in such manner, this kabbalah amulet forms the number 9, which fills us with harmony and brings good fortune. The Bible verse carries a message of harmony, wisdom and spiritual growth. Wearing this amulet will bring love, understanding and powerful positive energy to the life of its owner and their surroundings.

Kabbalah code and meaning

Psalms, 85:10

"Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other"

The prayer “Mercy and truth” gives strength at difficult moments. It has a simple but powerful message – how to transform negative situations into positive opportunities, into a source of prosperity and luck. The amulet with this prayer is an extremely loyal friend in difficult situations. It increases bearer’s intelligence and creativity. It gives you access to the wisdom that ultimately will bring also a wealth (material and spiritual). It brings true love in life and success to all endeavors. The amulet opens the heart of those who have it closed, and at the same time protects honest people from suffering by putting thoughts of revenge aside. It is known to assure practicality and good planning.

This ring of luck balances emotions and encourages self-expression through creativity.

The Divine Number

The number nine (9) is the number of the sublime. It represents three principles: first, the Light that conquers your mind – this is the beginning of the number 9. Second, the Peace of God which reigns in your hearts, and third, the Spirit of God that dwells in your soul - that is the aim of the 9. Nine is considered more "feminine", it symbolizes love and sympathy. It is a royal number - proud and untouchable, at the same time close to the people and yearning their love. Nine is intolerant to any injustice; it paves the path to progress and relief. It represents completeness and fullness, and is considered the end of numerological cycle.