The open hand has been used as a protective amulet since ancient times. Many archaeological finds bear testament to this. This mystical sign can be encountered in a number of artefacts of global cultural heritage and is the symbol of the hand of Venus (Aphrodite), the hand of Miriam (sister of Moses and Aaron), the hand of Fatima (daughter of the prophet Mohamed).

In Bulgaria it can be seen depicted on ancient Thracian temples. The hamsa protects from evil spirits and negative energy. It brings health, happiness and good fortune.

Gold 14k, silver 925 A handmade kabbalah amulet influenced by beautiful Eastern and mystical artefacts. An amulet in the form of antique coins with two faces, beautifully inscribed with codes and quotes with a hand-shaped hamsa in the centre. The gold coin bears an inscription of a beautiful b..
380 лв.
Ex Tax:380 лв.
Gold 14K, emerald An exceptionally discrete hamsa reminiscent of a tender flower with an emerald affixed in the antique manner. Kabbalah code and meaning By owning this beautiful pendant, you will neutralise all negative powers. Emerald is a talisman for mothers. It protects love and maintai..
220 лв.
Ex Tax:220 лв.
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