Kabbalah earings

gold 14K, diamond..
420 лв.
Ex Tax:420 лв.
Gold 14k, diamond A delicate kabbalah talisman made as a tracery written unconditional love code – one of the 72 Names of God – and inlaid with a diamond. The 72 Names of God is an ancient code system imbued with powerful energy which beneficially influences all aspects of our life. Kabbalah cod..
420 лв.
Ex Tax:420 лв.
Gold 14k, alexandrite Entirely handmade earrings with a beautiful form and elegantly designed setting, inlaid with alexandrite faceted in the shape of a pyramid. Kabbalah code and meaning The Royal stone. One of the rarest precious stones in the world. It has the unique property of acquiring a ..
880 лв.
Ex Tax:880 лв.
Gold 14k, noble pearls, diamonds Handmade pearl earrings with exceptionally tender noble pearls and diamonds inlaid in golden settings. Kabbalah code and meaning An ancient symbol of innocence, faith and purity, the Queen of the Seas – the pearl is associated with the moon and for this reason i..
350 лв.
Ex Tax:350 лв.
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