There is a centuries-old tradition in the use of Kabbalah amulets for different aspects of life. Each amulet has its own unique mystical powers and special designation which will allow you to choose the one best suited to your needs. Kabbalah jewels and amulets are excellent presents for your friends and family. The Kabbalah amulets offered by Sefira Gallery bear beneficial energy and influence the different aspects of the physical and spiritual life – health, family happiness, love, financial success and protection from negative energy.

Gold 14k, garnet Kabbalah amulet in the form of a pomegranate – one of the most ancient symbols of longevity. Kabbalah code and meaning The pomegranate possesses a very rich positive symbolism. In ancient times in the East it was considered to be an emblem for the sun. The Ancient Greeks ..
220 лв.
Ex Tax:220 лв.
Gold 14k Quote: “Whatsoever he does, shall prosper.” (Psalms, 1:3) An elegantly handmade fretwork antique key made entirely from gold with a biblical inscription of Old Testament psalms. The hamsa symbol is mystically interwoven into the base of the key. Here we are completely influenced by ar..
490 лв.
Ex Tax:490 лв.
Gold 14k, noble pearls Entirely handmade wrought small and large hearts. The large heart is inlaid with a noble pearl. Intertwined, the hearts and the pearl form the world known symbol for love. It is suitable for lovers. Kabbalah code and meaning The pearl is an ancient symbol of innocence, fa..
330 лв.
Ex Tax:330 лв.
Gold 14K, emerald An exceptionally discrete hamsa reminiscent of a tender flower with an emerald affixed in the antique manner. Kabbalah code and meaning By owning this beautiful pendant, you will neutralise all negative powers. Emerald is a talisman for mothers. It protects love and maintai..
220 лв.
Ex Tax:220 лв.
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