Key to Success Necklace

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Key to Success Necklace

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"In all he does he prospers" (Psalm 1:3).

An exquisite antique tracery key, handmade entirely of gold with a biblical quote from the Old Testament psalms. The hamsa symbol is interwoven into the base of the key. This pendant was fully influenced by artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages.

The inscription is styled in the ancient font Rashi, which dates from the 15th century and is named after the medieval Jewish scholar who lived in France. It was developed in the typographies of Venice and was used mainly for comments to the Bible.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

The key to prosperity and the Hamsa symbol transform negative energy into positive energy. Balance and peace are restored with the energy of letters being the real source of prosperity and material welfare.

The Hamsa is the symbol of the hand of Venus (Aphrodite), the hand of Miriam (sister of Moses and Aaron), and the hand of Fatima (daughter of the prophet Mohamed). The open palm is found in a number of artifacts from the world cultural heritage. In Bulgaria, this symbol can be seen depicted on ancient Thracian temples.

The Hamsa protects you from negative energy and brings you health, happiness and luck.

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