Onyx is an anti-stress stone which assumes negative energy and releases tension. It offers protection from evil. It is believed to the stone of warriors and stubborn men. Whoever dreams of onyx will have a happy life with a suitable partner. According to Kabbalah, the stone makes the words of its wearer heard.

Gold 14k, silver 925, precious stones A handmade silver ring with an inner rotating part inlaid with 12 precious stones. Number 12 represents the entity and the closed cycle in nature and life. The ring provides protection and blessing. Kabbalah code and meaning 12 stands out among all the numb..
690 лв.
Ex Tax:690 лв.
Gold 14k, precious stones A handmade tender ring with 12 inlaid precious stones. It is exceptionally simple but richly coloured at the same time. It possesses a sense of style and elegance. Kabbalah code and meaning The twelve stones are described in the Old and New Testament (Exodus, 28:13–20;..
650 лв.
Ex Tax:650 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925, onyx, hand woven chain, silver 950 A handmade authentic medallion in the shape of an antique coin. The face of the coin is inlaid with onyx and three precisely wrought golden letters depicting a kabbalah code. The reverse is inlaid and the antique coin is inscribed with a bi..
390 лв.
Ex Tax:390 лв.
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