The pearl is a symbol of purity, innocence and faith. It increases integrity and enhances the clarity of mind in the understanding of wisdom and spiritual guidance. It helps the wearer achieve self-understanding and enhances self-evaluation. Some people believe them to be the tears of the gods. It is also believed to be a powerful talisman against all unpleasantness. It is associated with the moon and is a symbol of lovers. It assumes all negative energy. The pearl gradually becomes a constant source of ideal destiny and prosperity, enhancing honesty and loyalty. The pearl jewels of the Queen of Sheba are legendary.

Gold 14k, noble pearls, diamonds Handmade pearl earrings with exceptionally tender noble pearls and diamonds inlaid in golden settings. Kabbalah code and meaning An ancient symbol of innocence, faith and purity, the Queen of the Seas – the pearl is associated with the moon and for this reason i..
350 лв.
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Gold 14k, noble pearls Entirely handmade wrought small and large hearts. The large heart is inlaid with a noble pearl. Intertwined, the hearts and the pearl form the world known symbol for love. It is suitable for lovers. Kabbalah code and meaning The pearl is an ancient symbol of innocence, fa..
330 лв.
Ex Tax:330 лв.
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