Ring of Luck

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Ring of Luck

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silver 925, white diamond


A handmade Kabbalah ring comprising nine rings: two main, three inner, and four smaller ones, which are all interlinked. A beautifully carved biblical verse is inscribed on one of the main rings and the other is inlaid with white diamond.

The Kabbalah amulet forms the number 9 – the beginning of the Light, the source of prosperity and material wellbeing.

The possessor of the ring will attract luck, love, understanding into their life. The amulet brings a inflow of strong positive energy, balances emotions, encourages self-expression through creativity.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

Psalms 84:11,

"Mercy and truth meet together, righteousness and peace will kiss each other."

This Bible verse holds a message of harmony, wisdom and spiritual growth. The prayer "Mercy and Truth" generates new forces in us by helping us realise the truth beyond the trials in order to reach the positive possibilities, material wellbeing and luck.

9 – The Number of God

9 is the end of the numerological cycle, a symbol of completion and integrity. It is the number of feminine energy, a symbol of love and empathy.

Nine is the number of the sublime. It expresses the three principles:

  1. The Light that conquers your minds.
  2. The Peace of God that reigns in your hearts.
  3. The Spirit of God that is in your souls.
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