Ruby is the stone of fertility and strong love. It enflames the emotions and strengthens passions. It also enhances child bearing abilities. In ancient times the ruby was considered to possess magical and healing properties. It is a wonderful talisman which can reconcile lovers who have quarrelled. The ruby can also increase sexual energy.

For centuries is has been considered a source of powerful energy. Anyone who is lacking in strength of character, who lacks the will to win or succeed is recommended to wear the ruby close to their bodies.

Gold 14k, silver 925, ruby Beautiful pendant shaped as a seashell on which is inscribed a biblical quote and two of the 72 Names of God with inlaid ruby at the base. The pendant hangs on a discreet gold wire with a gold coin. Kabbalah code and meaning The seashell is a symbol known since ancien..
390 лв.
Ex Tax:390 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925, precious stones A handmade silver ring with an inner rotating part inlaid with 12 precious stones. Number 12 represents the entity and the closed cycle in nature and life. The ring provides protection and blessing. Kabbalah code and meaning 12 stands out among all the numb..
690 лв.
Ex Tax:690 лв.
Gold 14k, ruby, garnet, sapphire, emerald Handmade tender amulet with a code for love and settings with inlaid precious stones. Wearing this kabbalah ring affects love and passion in your life, and the code strengthens unconditional love and family happiness. Kabbalah code and meaning Soul M..
390 лв.
Ex Tax:390 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925, ruby A kabbalah amulet in the form of a key with an inset rotating sphere and hand crafted ancient details inscribed with the symbols of the Archangel Gabriel. They key is inscribed with blessings of protection: “The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your ..
530 лв.
Ex Tax:530 лв.
Gold 14k, precious stones A handmade tender ring with 12 inlaid precious stones. It is exceptionally simple but richly coloured at the same time. It possesses a sense of style and elegance. Kabbalah code and meaning The twelve stones are described in the Old and New Testament (Exodus, 28:13–20;..
650 лв.
Ex Tax:650 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925, rubies This powerful kabbalah amulet is a symbol of the sacred union between man and woman. It is crafted from rotating rings affixed to a beautiful fretwork base. The rings are decorated with beautifully set gold details reminiscent of the basis of a pyramid. They are inlai..
685 лв.
Ex Tax:685 лв.
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