Seashell necklace "Abundance and fertility"

Seashell necklace "Abundance and fertility"
Seashell necklace "Abundance and fertility"
Seashell necklace "Abundance and fertility"
Seashell necklace "Abundance and fertility"
Seashell necklace "Abundance and fertility"
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Gold 14k, silver 925, ruby

Beautiful pendant shaped as a seashell on which is inscribed a biblical quote and two of the 72 Names of God with inlaid ruby at the base. The pendant hangs on a discreet gold wire with a gold coin.

Kabbalah code and meaning

The seashell is a symbol known since ancient times. It stands for love and marriage, femininity, and the emerging life. It protects the bearer from love troubles, symbolizes motherhood, and brings peace and joy. The seashell highlights female sex appeal. If you want men to turn their heads after you, wear seashell!
In ancient times, before using coins, some people used seashells for money. Ever since seashells symbolize wealth and prosperity. They bring luck and steady income grouth. As a powerful love charm, the seashell blocks negative energy and tames anxiety. According to many traditions and beliefs, seashells boost women's fertilty and protect them from bad luck. No wonder they are among the most popular amulets worn by women.


Ruby is a symbol of courage and divine mercy. On one hand it is the stone of fighting spirit, and on the other - of love and sensual pleasures. Its color is associated with life, youth, and persistence of feelings. In the past it was offered to brides to protect them from infidelity.
This stone protects bearer's health and blocks negative thoughts and sadness. It brings peace, fights off nightmares, and increases life lust, while fends off lethargy and tiredness. Rubies are beneficial to man-woman relationship; they bring in closeness and understanding. It is believed that rubies protect from impotence, infertility, and premature menopause.

Quote: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” (Proverbs, 31:25)

Kabbalah codes

Fertility: Abundance and fruitfulness fill your being. You are imbued with the power of procreation. You can also meditate upon others who are trying to start a family.

Unconditional Love: Like attracts like! By emulating the Creator’s unconditional love for all humankind, you bring love into your own life. You create harmony between yourself and other people, and between humanity and the natural world.