The 5 metals

According to Kabbalah, each one of the 5 metals possesses a specific power – for health, love, success and protection of the family. Their potential is assimilated thanks to the authenticity of the entire design process as described in the “Book of Creation.”

Gold – vitality, boundless energy for success, happiness and wealth.
Silver – ­inspiration, home, children, family comfort, peace and calm.
Copper – artisticism, harmony and love, attracts kindred souls.
Tin – communication, understanding, courage to undertake new projects.
Lead – authority, power, balance and self-improvement.

Gold 14k, silver 925, cooper, tin, lead This mighty kabbalah amulet is a source of prosperity. The ring is made from sterling silver and features the 5 metals formula. According to Kabbalah the blending of the five elements - gold, silver, copper, tin and lead - draws on powerful energies. The ri..
250 лв.
Ex Tax:250 лв.
Gold 14k, silver 925, garnet A handmade Persian amulet, gold and silver with inlaid garnet. 5 metals are set in the heart of the medallion. A biblical quote from the Book of Proverbs of King Solomon: “She opens her mouth in wisdom.” (Book of Proverbs of King Solomon, 31:26) Kabbalah code and ..
320 лв.
Ex Tax:320 лв.
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