“The power of the 12 stones” necklace

“The power of the 12 stones” necklace
“The power of the 12 stones” necklace
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Gold 14k, precious stones

Kabbalah code and meaning

12 stands out among all the numbers with its rich positive significance. According to the ancient Greeks there are Twelve Olympians in the Greek pantheon. Twice by 12 hours form one day. 12 months form the annual cycle. Whole arithmetic system is based on the number 12. 12 are the zodiac constellations and homes in astrology. In the Bible the number 12 is almost a leitmotif: 12 apostles who spread the word of God, 12 doors in the Revelation of John, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 virtues. Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher Peter Deunov calls 12 “the completion of evolution; ideal for a reasonable and wise life; the number of harmony; the number of favorable conditions.”

Beyond the religion many examples of the power of 12 could be found also. One of them is the dodecaphony – a music system consisting of 12 equal steps.

The twelve stones are described in the Old and New Testament (Exodus, 28:13–20; 39:10–13; Revelation of St. John the Apostle, 21:19-20)

When the twelve stones are together, they attract the life energy we need and the Blessings of God. They also exert a beneficial influence on all aspects of life.

Ruby – love, passion, fertility.
Topaz – calm, patience and equanimity.
Emerald – stimulates the intellect, protects love.
Garnet – dispels enemies and negative energy.
Sapphire – improves the sight and soothes pain.
Diamond – confidence and wealth.
Opal - joy.
Agate – intellect and dignity.
Amethyst - courage.
Aquamarine - abundance.
Onyx – bestows eloquence and persuasiveness.
Jasper – a caring attitude, calm and positive energy.