Topaz, known as "the holy stone", revives the mind and helps us concentrate and overcome obstacles and difficulties. Its blue color symbolizes power and strength. The stone is associated with truth and capacity for forgiveness. It's a known symbol of happiness, chastity, true friendship, and hope. It helps the bearer to find a purpose in life and to clarify their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Topaz activates cosmic consciousness. It untaps clogged energies and channels them where they are needed, hereby reduceing tension, and promoting feelings of joy and happiness. It has healing abilities associated with physical and spiritual renewal. It helps the bearer find the right solution in every situation without wasting time. Topaz is a wonderful talisman that helps solving problems and dealing with conflicts. Jewelery with topaz promotes spiritual growth.

silver 925, gold 14k, topaz Beautifully crafted antique key, a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and success. On the key is engraved the name of Archangel Uriel – the bearer of God’s Light. His energy illuminates and strengthens all aspects of our life and work, stimulates self-improvement and fin..
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