Using state-of-the-art laser soldering technology, discover the charm of the Love Bond collection and commission a custom 14k gold bracelet for you.


Each permanent bracelet can be customised with charms from the collection.


Sefira's Atelier - Love Bond

The process


To fit your permanent bracelet, visit Sefira's Atelier.


You can get this experience at Sefira's Atelier without scheduling in advance, within Sefira's business hours.

Sefira’s AtelierLOVE BOND


Sefira's Atelier proudly presents the first of its kind permanent bracelet, made of 14k gold, without a clasp, delicately attached to your wrist as a permanent thread. Influenced by the latest world technologies in jewellery, we created Sefira's Atelier, where you can indulge yourself or someone special with this experience, and why not share it – capture this beautiful memory, celebrate a joyous occasion, perpetuate love and friendship.

After purchasing it online, you receive a unique code – without it, it is impossible to make the bracelet. You will receive the code by email.