About Us


Sefira gallery was established proudly as the first boutique for Kabbalah jewellery in Bulgaria. Located in the heart of the capital city, Sofia, the boutique is located in one of the iconic buildings of old Sofia, resonant with the spirituality and messages of Kabbalah jewellery and its links with the past and future.

Our brand crafts, selects and offers to its customers exquisite jewellery, which serves as amulets repleted with history and symbolism, permeated with Kabbalah ideas and mysticism. We aim to bring together the intricate design, precisely handcrafted objects of art and the power of Kabbalah in our amulets. They will protect you, fill you with energy and broaden your spiritual horizon.

The curves and the lines of each letter bear a mystical power which represents an ancient system of achieving real emotional, spiritual, financial and creative transformation in each area of your real life. You do not need to know Hebrew. The wisdom of Kabbalah goes beyond religion and race.

From the first sketch to the final polishing, the amulets are crafted with great care and precise handwork. Our team comprises professionals in each of the stages in the process of designing and creating the amulets. The boutique models are inspired by a wide range of ethnocultures and are influenced by world archaeological artefacts. The amulets are beautifully inscribed in Hebrew with the sacred texts of ancient mystics and biblical psalms, being complemented by the 72 Names of the Creator.

If you are wondering how to choose your amulet, open your senses and your amulet will summon you. This choice will be no coincidence or accident.