Privacy policy

Art. 1. (1) The Supplier shall protect the personal data of the Users which have come to his knowledge as a result of the completion and submission of the electronic purchase order form. In compliance with current legislation and the clauses of these General Conditions, the Supplier may use Users’ personal data solely and only for the purposes set out in the contract – the acceptance and implementation of orders and contact with the Users in the event of any problems which may arise in connection with the order. The Supplier shall guarantee that this data will not be presented in any form to third parties or used for aims other than those indicated above, unless with the express written agreement of the User or, if the information is required by a competent state body within the limits its legal authority.
(2) The user account of a specific User may be deleted from the data base together with the information contained therein at any time if the User so desires.
(3) The Supplier shall undertake measures to protect the personal data of the User in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.
(4) For reasons of the security of personal data of Users, the Supplier shall send the data only to the email address indicated by the User at the moment of registration.
(5) The Supplier shall be entitled to preserve data in the final communication device of the User, unless the latter expressly expresses his disagreement. The User may express his disagreement at any time.
(6) The User or the Consumer shall agree that the Supplier shall be entitled to send electronic communications at any time to the User, including bulletins or proposals for the purchase of goods, while the User has registration in the Supplier’s electronic shop.
(7) By accepting these conditions, the User declares his express agreement in the meaning of art. 6, para. 1 and para. 4 of the Law on Electronic Commerce to receive commercial communications as referred to in para. 6 of this article.
(8) The User shall agree that the Supplier shall be entitled to collect, store and process information concerning the User’s behaviour in the use of the electronic shop of the Supplier.

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