7 Blessings Ring – Garnet

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7 Blessings Ring – Garnet

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gold 14K, garnet


This handmade powerful Kabbalah amulet is a symbol of the sacred union of man and woman. It is crafted from spinning gold rings attached to a beautiful mesh foundation. The rings are decorated with lovely gold details, reminiscent of the base of a pyramid, some of which are inlaid with garnets.

The garnet prevents negative energy and bad thoughts. The triangle symbolises harmony, balance, and the power of union: man, woman, and creative energy.

The ring symbolises a woman's spiritual connection and true strength. Wearing it increases mutual attraction, and enhances marital connection and fertility.


The seven blessings and their meaning:

The first blessing is to bring joy.
The second blessing is to have happiness and peace in the family.
The third blessing is for excellent health and lots of love of all beloved ones.
The fourth blessing is to have plentifulness, wealth and success.
The fifth blessing is to bless your home.
The sixth blessing brings balance and soul purity in the love between partners.
The seventh blessing blesses all the six prayers.

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