Ben Porat Yosef Protective Amulet

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Ben Porat Yosef Protective Amulet

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gold 14K, silver 925


Kabbalah amulet with delicate floral motifs, reminiscent of an ancient artifact, completed with a beautifully inscribed quote: "Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall." (Genesis, 49:22)

Ben Porat is an ancient blessing for protection. The amulet has the power to protect its possessor, just as fish are inaccessible to bad eyes whilst in the water. Restore balance in your life and stay protected from negative influences.

You can wear the amulet in your wallet, wear it as a necklace or use it as a guardian for your home.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

The amulet is inscribed with the 2 of the 72 Names of God: for gratitude and harmony.

Code for Gratitude: How to Keep What We Have and Get More

Gratitude and appreciation. Through this Name, these noble qualities are awakened in me. Being embraced by them, I enjoy all the gifts and blessings in my life. When we truly cherish everything, we feel like we own everything. And that's when we're permitted to really have it all!

Code for Harmony: From Chaos to Order

To create order out of chaos. I know that at the root of all chaos is harmony. Through this Name, balance and peace are restored. Out of the chaos, order emerges.

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