The Five Archangels

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The Five Archangels

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silver 925, garnet


Amulet for protection, health, and wellbeing, resembling an ancient artifact with Eastern motifs from the second half of the 4th century. The names of the five archangels, bearers of light, health, protection, and harmony are inscribed onto the amulet: Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Nuriel.

On the back of the amulet, the Blessing of the Kohens is written – a powerful blessing for peace and prosperity.

The inscription is styled in the ancient font Rashi, which dates from the 15th century and is named after the medieval Jewish scholar who lived in France. It was developed in the typographies of Venice and was used mainly for comments to the Bible.

Kabbalah Code and Symbolism

The Bible, Old Testament, Numbers 6:24-26

"The Lord bless you and keep you!”

The first verse contains a wish for material riches and success. By strengthening our financial situation, we also provide for ourselves in all other spheres which directly depend on it.

"The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you!"

The second verse is a blessing for spiritual good – knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

"The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace!"

The third verse is the culmination of the two previous ones – the desire for material and spiritual goods is for the sole purpose of approaching the Creator, which is the greatest blessing for grace and peace.

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