The Might of Prosperity Ring

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The Might of Prosperity Ring

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gold 14K, silver 925, diamond


This beautiful Kabbalah amulet is an original design by the Sefira Gallery. A quote from a Kabbalistic treatise and four of the 72 Names of the Creator is inscribed on the silver ring.

This Kabbalah amulet consistently helps its possessor and attracts luck to them in all aspects of life: finance, health, love, and intellect.

At the base of the ring, a gold detail is placed, reminiscent of the head of an ancient carpenter nail. According to the beliefs of many cultures, nails have the power to bring closer contradictory realities – such as fire and water or spirit and matter. A tender diamond, which gifts its wearer with charm and confidence, is set onto the silver ring.

A quote from a Kabbalistic treatise: "Bless me with abundance, honour and success."

Kabbalah code and symbolism

Code against negative influence: Protection against "evil eye"

My ability to influence others with an evil eye is reduced to zero. A shield of positive energy surrounds me and protects me from unfriendly and envious glances, as well as from other people's bad intentions.

Code for material success: The Power of Wellbeing

I recognise that the Light of the Creator is the true source of prosperity and material wellbeing. Through this Name, I invoke strength and wellbeing, and I implore the Creator to help me retain what I possess when abundance comes into my life.

Code for health and healing: Meditation for ourselves and the others

I take full responsibility for my present condition, and the power of this Name awakens the Light of the Creator within me to heal me at the deepest level. As the energy of permeates through me to help others, while I also receive the benefits myself. The more I give, the more I get.

Code for unconditional love: How to awaken love, especially when you're not aiming for it

Similarities attract! By imitating the Creator in his love for all humanity, I attract love into my own life and build harmonious relationships with the people around me. Moreover, through love, I banish the darkness from me. With this code, I awaken love for my partner, friends, and family, but also for myself – after all, we can only share what we have.

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