The Road to Success

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The Road to Success

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gold 14K, silver 925, diamond


Beautifully crafted Kabbalah amulet, a symbol of the power of success.

The ring is combination of two silver rings. If you solve the puzzle, the ring will unfasten and you will find the 3 written codes from the 72 Names of God and a biblical quote: "Everything that he does will succeed" from the Psalms of King David (Psalms 1:3).

This verse is a message of spiritual prosperity, security and a bright life path. That is why the amulet has hand-engraved ornaments with diamonds inlaid therein, resembling light-lit life paths that we tread confidently and lightly.

Wearing this ring will bring luck, material wellbeing, understanding, and an inflow of positive energy into the life of both the ring possessor and their environment.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

Code for happiness: When we need support to choose happiness

I find the strength to suppress my selfish aspirations. This Name fosters appreciation and optimism to discover and transparent true fulfilment and bliss in my life.

We all know the warning "Be careful what you wish for". Too often we confuse fleeting pleasure with true happiness, because the traps of the material world are extremely seductive. Pleasure is usually dictated by the desires of the ego, while happiness is bound up with the longings of the soul.

Code for absolute confidence: What to do when doubt creeps in

Confidence. Security. Trust. They all fill my heart by touching this Name. This Name strengthens my faith in Universal Justice and strengthens my sense of security that I am heading in the right direction.

Uncertainty, doubt, and fear arise in our minds in moments of difficulty. When the sceptical "I'll believe it when I see it!" is replaced by "I will see it when I believe it!", only then would we know the true sense of security.

Code against stress and negative energy: Release the tension

The Purifying Light dispels the dark forces and the negative influences hidden around me, especially those concealed in me. Balance and positive energy feed my essence and the world around me.

According to Kabbalah, we all have a spiritual energy field that spreads a bit more than seven steps away our bodies. Although we cannot see this field, it is as real as are the invisible atoms in the air, and it is as undeniable and influential as the pull of gravity. When this field is charged with negative or stressful energy from external factors such as negative people and places, we suffer from sadness, stress, hostility, fear, and insecurity. Or, simply put, we feel unhappy.

This Name balances the energy that envelops our body, promotes calmness and peace of mind, reduces emotional stress, and neutralises all negative forces and energies.

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