Archangel Uriel – the Keeper of the "Light of God"

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Archangel Uriel – the Keeper of the "Light of God"

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gold 14K, ruby


Beautifully crafted antique key, symbol of good fortune, prosperity and success. The key is inscribed with the name of archangel Uriel – the keeper of God's Light. His energy illuminates and enhances all aspects of our life and work. It stimulates self-improvement, helps in the search for a kindred spirit, and the enhancement of relationships. The key contains the 5 metals, a code for light, and a beautifully inlaid ruby.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

Heavenly Rank: Seraph
Heavenly Title: Angel of Salvation
Mission: Assistance

Archangel Uriel has been spoken of for a long time in history, the name Uriel means Divine Light or the Flame of God. It is believed that Uriel was the one who gave Kabbalistic knowledge to the people – the key to the mystical interpretation of Scripture. Archangel Uriel is the Light of Harmony. In any conflict, Uriel will bring lightness and dispel tension, showering you with light and love. Uriel's mission and role are well described in the book of Revelation – being portrayed as the regent of the Sun. Uriel is the spirit of salvation and peace, the enlightener of the darkened. Gentle, but strong, the archangel always comes to the rescue and gives peace and tranquillity to those in need. Uriel removes the pain and trauma of the past and helps people who can't give or receive. The archangel's mission is to help you achieve stability and release tension. If you are open to this help, Uriel will be by your side right away. Uriel's power will organise and motivate you. The archangel knows the past and the future and is ready to help you make the most of every opportunity. If you turn to God, Uriel, like any archangel, will fly at the speed of light from anywhere in the universe. That is why nothing hinders Uriel form being in many places at the same time. Uriel's responsibility is to help you be the best version of yourself, to shine in everything you take up. Call upon archangel Uriel when you feel that you have been left without inspiration, without ideas, that you have lost the Light of God in your life.

Colour: Indigo and lead blue
Main task: Intuition and wisdom; the emotional intelligence of a person
Sense: sixth sense
Aroma: hyacinth, violet, geranium

The ruby influences passion and enhances the circulation of blood and fertility. The triangle symbolises harmony, balance, and the power of union: man, woman, and creative energy.


Light. To bring back the lost sparks of Light. The sparks of Light burn away everything which is destructive in my life. Their vital strength excludes everything which is negative and I am filled with Divine Energy. Life shines with every new day when millions of sacred sparks return to my soul.

Code against the evil eye: My ability to influence others with an evil eye is reduced to zero. A shield of positive energy surrounds me and protects me from unfriendly and envious glances, as well as from other people's bad intentions.

Code of material success: I recognise that the Light of the Creator is the true source of prosperity and material wellbeing. Through this Name, I invoke strength and wellbeing, and I implore the Creator to help me retain what I possess when abundance comes into my life.

The Power of the 5 Metals

According to the Cabala, each one of the 5 metals possesses a specific power – for health, love, success and protection of the family. Their potential is assimilated thanks to the authenticity of the entire design process as described in the "The Book of Creation", (Sefer Yetzirah).

Gold – vitality, infinite energy for success, happiness and wealth.
Silver – spirituality, home, children, family cosiness, peace and tranquillity.
Copper – artistry, harmony and love, attracts soul mates.
Tin – communication, understanding, and courage for new ventures.
Lead – authority, power, balance and self-improvement.

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