Feel the Love Ring

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Feel the Love Ring

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gold 14K, diamond


Kabbalah talisman, handmade entirely of 14k gold, with a diamond inlay and a beautifully written quote about love. The diamond is a symbol of wealth, and the heart – of tenderness and love. The amulet helps you to start loving yourself so that you can attract a soulmate into your life.

Kabbalah code and symbolism

"Fair as the moon, bright as the sun" (Song of songs 6:10)

Code for unconditional love: How to awaken love, especially when you're not aiming for it

Similarities attract! By imitating the Creator in his love for all humanity, I attract love into my own life and build harmonious relationships with the people around me. Moreover, through love, I banish the darkness from me. With this code, I awaken love for my partner, friends, and family, but also for myself – after all, we can only share what we have.

Code for sexual energy: How to gain more out of your sexual experience

Through this Name, I let go of my desires to share my energy and love with my partner, putting his or her needs above my own. I ignite my sexual energy to such an extent that my passion inspires and refines everything around me. I bring back the Light previously scattered in selfish sexual acts.

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